BOOM! Untrustworthy Sen. Schumer Condescendingly Asked THIS GOP Senator Where He Was 8 Years Ago: “8 years Ago, I Was Getting My Ass Shot At In Afghanistan”

It was indeed a tense moment, “a very tense moment!” When the senior senator from New York Chuck Schumer began “playing politics” and “going back on his word” with President Trump’s cabinet picks.

Perhaps this would be a good time to remind one and all that Senator  Chuck Schumer took over from one of the most partisan and corrupt  political hacks within congress,  perhaps within the last 50-years, the former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Moreover for those not familiar with Chuck Schumer from New York, he’s simply another progressive political hack, working behind the scene to enrich and empower himself at the tax payers expense.

Schumer who was a junior senator learned the art of “play for pay” from his mentor New York Senior Senator Hillary Clinton back in 2001, and both became good friends of the big financial donors on Wall Street.

Moreover an article that appeared in March of 2007 in the New York Times entitled “Senator Schumer and the corruption culture” which chronicled Schumer cozy relationship to those big hedge fund lobbyists and donors, on K-Street, the same folks that contributed to Hilary’s campaign.

And so when we hear about Schumer going back on his word, why the surprise?

Perhaps it’s because there was no “wiggle room” for Schumer to shimmy out of, after he was heard over an open mike, asking Sen. Cotton “where he was 8-years ago?”

That fatal condescending question drew a quick response from Sen. Cotton: “I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan!”

The dust-up occurred because Schumer had promised a voice vote (after Friday’s inaugural ceremonies),  on CIA Director Nominee Mike Pompeo over the weekend but then reneged on his promise, which set into motion the inevitable confrontation between Cotton and Schumer.

According to witnesses, Cotton loudly confronted Schumer, who told the Republican lawmaker to lower his voice, and take the dispute off the Senate floor which caused Cotton to shout angrily “Don’t tell me to lower my voice!”

Schumer being the consummate political hack attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting the Senate has never confirmed  a CIA director on Inauguration Day and that if Cotton had been around 8-years ago that Republicans didn’t extend Obama the same courtesy…thus the getting “my ass shot at in Afghanistan” rebuttal my Cotton.

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Source: Weekly Standard